The park


The Borgopetra park has been designed to offer our guests the opportunity to engage in numerous outdoor activities and leisure experiences. The trails inside the park invite guests to take relaxing walks, with benches where you can sit down to read a book or simply enjoy the tranquillity of nature. For those who'd liek to stay in shape offers also a trail for a brisk walk or jogging.

To enrich the park you will find over 100 olive trees, red maples, arbutus berries, laurels, holm oaks, water lilies, lime trees, plum trees, and oleanders spread across the garden, with their Mediterranean scents and colors remind us of the tradition and history of the region.

Click on the map to discover the plants
you can find along our aromatic trail!

Our park is a work in progress: the plants and trees that have been planted are still small, but will soon grow lush, offering wonderful multisensory walking trails.The heart of the park will be the "aromatic trail", a circular path to be fully experienced and explored and where numerous fragrant leafy species have been planted: strawberry tree, cherry laurel, bay and many other plants adorn the trail, waiting to grow vigorously. The experience we have designed will not only be olfactory but also education: the plants you will find at Borgopetra reflect the characteristics of the region, providing a 360-degree full immersion in the nature of the Conero Riviera.

Our green soul

The Borgopetra resort has chosen to adopt policies and strategies focused on environmental sustainability, promoting green tourism that safeguards the resources of the region. The electricity used by the facility comes primarily from photovoltaic panels, harnessing sunlight to generate clean and renewable energy. Waste sorting is active in all areas of the resort, with dedicated bins for the proper disposal of paper, plastic, glass, organic waste and non-recyclables. To encourage eco-friendly mobility, the resort is equipped with a large fleet of leisure bicycles available to all guests to explore the surrounding area using the most environmentally friendly and green means possible.

The freedom of a self-catering holiday
with all the comforts you could desire

Our spacious and comfortable solutions have everything you need for a carefree stay that aligns with your pace. With a dedicated corner in the living area for convivial moments, you can experience your vacation according to your preferences, with all the privacy and freedom you desire.

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