Borgopetra, a story built on the precious Conero Stone


The Borgopetra resort is located in Numana, in the heart of the Marche region and the Conero Riviera, an area rich in history and traditions. Our builders and architects aimed to maintain a traditional style that pays homage to the rural origins of the place, choosing the precious Conero Stone as the main construction material. This stone, extracted and worked in the area for centuries, was used to construct the main buildings of the resort, with simple and harmonious lines, as well as to pave walkways and common spaces. For furniture and accessories, we worked exclusively with companies and suppliers from the Marche region to highlight the craftsmanship of the local area. Our connection to the Marche region is strong and deeply rooted, and we take great pride in being closely united with the local manufacturing production.

Conero Stone

The Conero Stone gives the entire structure a bright, solid and elegant look, in perfect harmony with the nature of our surrounding private park. Walking along these paths allows you to connect with the traditions of this land, which have remained unchanged over the centuries. By observing the brightness of the Conero Stone, one can't help but think about the rich history that this material holds, used for generations to build the buildings in the area and shape the landscape of the Conero Riviera and its characteristic towns.

The choice of using the Conero Stone represents our way to pay homage to the origins of Borgopetra and the place that hosts it, creating a continuum between past and present. Moreover, it is the perfect material for creating shaded and cool areas for the summer and maintaning room temperatures during temperate and colder months by preventing heat loss. The stone symbolises a sense of solidity, tradition and belonging, qualities that the resort has embraced to offer guests not only a comfortable stay but also an authentic experience connecting with the deeper essence of this region.

The freedom of a self-catering holiday
with all the comforts you could desire

Our spacious and comfortable solutions have everything you need for a carefree stay that aligns with your pace. With a dedicated corner in the living area for convivial moments, you can experience your vacation according to your preferences, with all the privacy and freedom you desire.

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